Final EIS

Final EIS Sections

Skagit County prepared the Final EIS to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating the Proposed Action. The Final EIS includes a summary of the public comments received on the Draft EIS with responses, makes factual corrections to the Draft EIS, and provides additional analyses and information in response to public comments.

Draft EIS Sections

Skagit County prepared a draft EIS. The draft EIS includes information about the proposed project, its potential environmental impacts, and what could be done to avoid or minimize those impacts. The draft EIS was provided for review and comment by interested parties. View comments submitted during the draft EIS comment period (March 23 - May 8, 2017).

Visit a local reading room to view a printed copy. See the list of locations here. Request a printed copy sent to your home. For the cost of production and shipping of the draft EIS, contact Betsy Stevenson at 360-416-1323.